Who are we ?

–A group of activists involved in the Syrian revolution civil activities since its beginning in 2011
–Previous or current members of the Local Coordination Committees (LCC) but operating independently
–A combined internal-international team

Statement by the VDC and the LDSPS on the kidnapping of activist Razan Zeitouneh and her colleagues


Objective: help the Syrian society to rebuild itself

In areas liberated from the control of the Syrian regime, Syrians are trying to re-establish a normal life and are faced with real problems in rebuilding civil and economical services such as schools, public services (garbage and street cleaning, firefighting, …), bakeries, furniture assemblies, …
One of the major difficulties is getting these activities financed. While a number of international NGO’s and governmental funds are trying to support civil and reconstructing activities in Syria, local project managers or entrepreneurs have no access to these organizations and lack the necessary know-how to structure project proposals explaining their needs (especially in English) and further more reporting their progress to their funders.

Our role: advice & intermediate

The aim of the LDSPS office is to help the local communities in Syria in:
  • Structuring their project proposals and translate them
  • Connecting to potential international fund providers
  • Getting funds from the providers inside Syria
  • Reporting progress on the projects to the fund providers
  • Providing advice/training to local project managers


Implementation strategy: steady growth

  1. Hire and train activists in the targeted regions on projects evaluation, structuring of project proposals, communicating with fundproviders and reporting on project progress
  2. Start with one region to make a proof of concept and then spread to other regions: Eastern Rural Damascus (Eastern Ghotta).
  3. Support in priority local councils without losing attention from local entrepreneurs and projects that can provide services and job opportunities