Women Now Project



 the project aims to empower women who live with war and siege conditions and help them deal with the circumstances that surround them, through: – offer them an access to skills that enable them dignity to make a living – Develop their skills in different areas such as management, developing and facing war conditions The project centers offer courses in sewing , wool knitting , provisioning at home , english language , informatics, etc .. In addition , they do small productive projects for women. The project will be implemented in three towns in East Gouta
The project aims to build the capacity of women who have been affected by the ongoing war in Syria at the hands of regime forces against the Syrians, especially in the liberated areas and besieged cities such as Harasta in Eastern Ghouta
The center provides free courses in computer, information technology, English language, sewing, knitting wool, Household supplies and manufacturing toys.
And lectures in development, management and face the conditions of war
In addition to joint activities with other centers of “Nesaa Alan” in the Eastern Ghouta
The project supported by “Souryat” organization